7 Segment Display Module

This module is consisted of a 7-segment display, temperature and humidity sersors, you can display numbers like traffic light counter with it, you can also read temperature and humidity of the air from it.

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Serial Bus Interface, Support Cascade

This module has 2 I2C serial bus ports, using our 4-pin cable, you can connect it to Xtron Pro easily, and you can also cascade other modules to it.

One Module, Four addresses

This means you can cascade 4 identical modules to Xtron Pro.

Simple Address Setting

This module has one setting button, press the button to check the module's address, press the button again to switch address from 1 to 4 within 10 seconds.

The module also has a indicator led, the number of flashes of the led is equal to the module's current address.

Magnetic attraction

There are two magnets on the back of the module, which can be attached to the whiteboard, it is convenient for teaching and demonstration.


Specifacations Description
Supply Voltage 3.5V ~ 5V
Interace Protocol I2C
Size 40 x 24 x 15 mm
Decimal Number Range -999 ~ 9999
Hexadecimal Range 0000 ~ FFFF
Temperature Range 0℃ ~ 60℃
Humidity Range 0% ~ 100%

7 Segment Display Module