Xtron Module Kit

Consisted of six modules, the Touch & Led Module, the Potentiometer Module, the Servo Controller Module, the 7-Segment Display Module, the Soil Moisture Sensor Module and Ultrasonic Module.

You can make creative projects with these modules.

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Name Description
Touch & Led Module Touch & Led module has 8 RGB Leds and 2 touch input pads.
Potentiometer Module Potentiometer is an input module.
Servo Controller Module You can use it to control servo motors, it has 4 ouput ports.
7-Segment Display Module This module is consisted of a 7-segment display, temperature and humidity sersors.
Soil Moisture SensorSensor Module. Use this module to detect your plant soil moisture
Ultrasonic Module Consisted of an ultrasonic sensor and a loudness sensor.


Xtron Module Kit