Xtron Pro

Xtron Pro is a programmable handheld game console that is ideal for running MakeCode Arcade & NES games and creating DIY projects from electronics to mobile robots, Xtron Pro can also be transformed into a wearable device with customized interfaces and functions by visual programming.

Design Games


Visual Programming



Speech Recognition

16MB Flash

Multiple Extensions

A Programmable Modular Console

Run MakeCode Arcade Games

MakeCode Arcade is a code editor to build Retro Arcade games for the browser and handheld consoles.

You can build games by visual program language, Javascript or Python in MakeCode Arcade. During development, run and test your games within the simulator, then download them to Xtron Pro to play anywhere at anytime.

Magnetic Modular Design

The magnetic modular design makes programming more creative and playable. Rotating the core can switch between portrait and landscape mode, so you can build games in either orientation.

Store Multiple Games

Xtron Pro has a built-in 16 megabytes flash memory. On the basis of the origin bootloader, we added a file system to it, which makes it convienent to store, browse and load multiple game firmware.

Built-in High Accuracy IMU Sensor

The built-in IMU sensor with high accuracy leads to the fun of the game to go beyond the buttons. You can create motion sensing games with it, bringing a whole new level of interaction to the games you create.

Multiple Players

Having multiple Xtron Pros connected through data wires makes it possible to experience the joy of multiplayer games and online collaboration.

Run NES Homebrew Games

On top of your own games, Xtron pro also supports to run thousands of classic NES games. Such as Super Mario, Contra, Pac-Man, etc.

It's easy to transfer the Xtron Pro to a NES simulator, simply download NES games from internet and copy XTRON_NES.uf2 (developed by our team in Microsoft uf2 format which is the same as MakeCode Arcade Games) to Xtron Pro drive disk.

Custom The Wearable Device

Xmaker Programming Platform

We have also developed a dedicated software platform for Xtron Pro, Xmaker. It has rich program blocks and image resources to make it easier for beginners with limited knowledge of programming.

based on MakeCode, we have added Xtron Pro-specific functions on the basis of Arcade, such as watch-related program blocks, IoT and speech recognition, etc.

Turn Xtron Pro into a Smartwatch

We designed a trendy wristband for Xtron Pro, an arc-shaped silicone case, and adjustable watchband. With it, Xtron Pro instantly transforms a smartwatch.

Xtron Pro has a built-in high-precision clock chip and backup battery. Through programming, the clock interface of the watch can be customized to whatever design that you like.

Create a Pedometer

With built-in acceleration sensor, Xtron Pro can be used to create a step counter, you can customize your own motion detection device through programming.


Built-in Wi-Fi Module

After connecting to the Wi-Fi network through your custom program, you can explore the rich networking functions of Xtron Pro.

Through the MQTT server, Xtron Pro can establish connection with the mobile APP, so you can monitor the sensor data, or control the hardwares remotely.

IoT App

The Xtron Pro IoT APP supports data visualization of existing sensors and remote control of output modules.

The data endpoint in the APP is convenient to link up with visual program blocks, and the Xmaker provides a wealth of program blocks related to IoT applications.

Sensor Kit

Xtron Pro has a 4PIN connector, which can be connected to extension modules. We now have three sensor modules and three output modules, these include: ultrasonic, potentiometer and soil moisture sensor, servo controller, touch & led and 7-Segment display modules.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

When the Xtron Pro is connected to the Internet, it can recognize speech. The speech command can be customized through programming with provided APIs.

You can make IoT projects with Xtron Pro's sensors & modules and use Wi-Fi to connect to a cloud for speech control applications.

Text to Speech

In addition to recognizing speech, Xtron Pro can also convert text to speech. Why not DIY a dialogue robot?

Xtron Pro: Creating Games, Learning Programming and More