Xtron Pro

Xtron Pro is a programmable handheld game console that is ideal for running MakeCode Arcade & NES games and creating DIY projects from electronics to mobile robots, Xtron Pro also transforms into a wearable device with customized interfaces and functions by visual programming.

Design Games


Visual Programming



Speech Recognition

16MB Flash

Multiple Extensions


Specifacations Description
Model STM32F4
Frequency 100MHz
Flash 1MB
Extenal Flash
Capacity 128M-bit
SPI Clock 133MHz
Model DS1330
Backup Battery 0.3F Super Capacitance
Model MPU6887
Gyroscopes Range +/- 2000 °/s
Accelerometer Range +/- 16g
Type TFT
Size 1.8"
Size 82 x 53 x 22 mm
Button 2 Touch Buttons, 8 Physical Buttons
Vibration Motor 14000 rpm
Type Moving Coil
Rated Power 0.7W
Radio Module
Model ESP32
PSRAM 64M-bit
Flash 16M-bit
Model 4015
Sensitivity -30dB
Directivity Omnidirectional
Connectors USB-C, 4PIN Port, 8PIN Pogopin, Jacdac Phone Jack
Battery Lipo, 500mAh
Weight 70g


Files Description
Xtron Pro NES emulator v1.0.1 下载
Xtron Pro bootloader v1.0.3 下载


  • Click here to get the latest version of the Bootloader.

  • Connect your Xtron Pro to your computer with the USB-C cable, and enter it to Bootloader mode.

  • Drag the downloaded bootloader firmware to the XTRON drive, which is the same as the method of downloading game firmware.

  • You have the latest Bootloader, then reset to Bootloader and reload your program.

The Xtron Pro bootloader file system may be damaged due to some reasons. At this time, you need to format the file system to solve the issue.

Press the up (1), right (2), menu (3) buttons as shown in the figure below at the same time, and then press the reset (4) button, the green light will keep flashing during the formatting process, which will last about 30 seconds.

After the format is complete, the green light stops flashing, and the bootloader home interface will be displayed.


Xtron Pro currently can only run the NES emulator, we are working on its new features, including running more simulators, micropython and tensorflow, etc.

More: https://www.ovobot.cc/en/weblog/2021/02/22/nes-emulator-xtron-pro/

The 4-pin expansion interface of Xtron Pro is molex 1.5mm pitch connector.

After Xtron Pro is connected to the computer, it will be mounted as a U disk, no driver is needed, and the software platform is based on browser, so it has good compatibility with the computer, it can run on Windows 7 or above, Mac OS, Ubuntu and Chromebook.

We recommend age 8+, the younger ones can use visual programming, and the older ones can use Javascript or Python programming.