The bootloader of Xtron Pro v1.0.3 has been released

Better experience the multiple game storage functions of MakeCode Arcade device.

Use Xtron pro to create your Pomodoro

Use Xtron pro to create your Pomodoro to transform life, making more productive and focused.

Use Soil Moisture Sensor Module to detect zircon humidity to hatch turtle eggs

Have you ever hatched eggs successfully?😉😉
Different animal eggs need different hatching conditions, such as temperature or humidity. For turtles, the most important condition is the humidity of zircon. 🐢🐢🐢


We have been promoting the development of xmaker, adding some new features and solving some known problems.

Xtron NES Emulator v1.0.1 has released

We are constantly working to improve your Xtron Pro experience, here's a release note of what's changed...

The bootloader of Xtron Pro v1.0.1 has been released

In order to better support the power management function, please update to the latest version of Bootloader as soon as possible.

Power management of Xtron Pro

By default, programs written by Xmaker and running on Xtron Pro will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Adjust the time and date of Xtron Pro

You can customize Xtron Pro as a watch through programming, and you need to adjust it's time and date when you use it for the first time.

Xtron Pro bootloader supports unicode filename

The Xtron Pro bootloader only supports ASCII characters by default. If you want to display the UNICODE file name, you need to download a specific unicode font library.

Use Xtron Modules in XMaker

Xtron Pro has a 4PIN connector, which can be connected to extension modules. We now have six modules, these include: ultrasonic, potentiometer, soil moisture, servo controller, touch & led and 7-Segment display modules. We will develop more modules in the future.

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